Busting Bee Myths

My first memory of interacting with a bee was when I was quite young and sat on the lamppost across from my house—simultaneously sitting on a bee that promptly stung me. My second memory… Continue reading

Rusty the Ravager

I spent this past summer working in, what has become for me, my favourite place in the world: Quetico Provincial Park. It is a large wilderness park at the very heart of our… Continue reading

Looking up at leaves

“No one need feel alone looking up at leaves. There are such depths to them, withdrawal, welcome, A fragile tumult on the way to the sky. This great trunk holds apart two hemispheres,… Continue reading

“as if swaying were its form of stillness”

“Seaweed sways and sways and swirls.  As if swaying were its form of stillness and if it flushes against a fierce rock, it slips over it as shadows do, without hurting itself.” -D.H.Lawrence.… Continue reading

Wetland wonders

The critters that make their homes in wetlands are some of the neatest (and cutest!) creatures I have ever encountered. Below are some pictures and biographies of these beauties.            

Precious Frogs

I’m working a short term contract in the Fraser Valley collecting data for a capture-mark-recapture study on the Oregon Spotted Frog (Rana pretiosa)–Canada’s most endangered amphibian. But this job is far from work.… Continue reading