My name is Hannah, and I am a researcher, ecologist, nature nerd, and education enthusiast.

My goals for this website are to: 

  • Practice and improve my writing, and science communication skills.
  • Use the blog as a way to express personal and professional ideas, and to reflect on my educational experiences. Topics will include: science communication, ecology research, education, literature and natural history.

About me

I am from Northwestern Ontario, at the top of Lake Superior on the beautiful Canadian Shield, in the Bay of Thunder. But I’ve spent the last 5 years wandering the West Coast as I got my Bachelors of Science degree from Simon Fraser University. Now I find myself on the East Coast, starting a Masters of Science degree from the University of Prince Edward Island.

I derive a great deal of wonder and contentment when I interact in nature, which is at the heart of my interest in ecology. There is so much to learn, so much we don’t understand! And there is a very natural cycle of birth and death; of decay and renewal. Everything affects everything.

I am interested in birds, bees, barnacles and you can’t forget about those beautiful frogs! Now my research has shifted to coastal ecology, and I’ll be focusing on invasive Green Crabs (Carcinus maenas). Check out my supervisor’s webpage here.

I must admit that I have mixed feelings about blogs and social media in general. There is just a HUGE amount of information available on the internet, which can be overwhelming to try to wade through. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether this blog is just adding to the noise or not.

In the end, I decided to start this blog to practice my writing, and because I enjoy discussing issues related to our environment and our response to them with other people. So please share your comments and thoughts with me!

Thanks for reading!


c and v + stars

“When I look at the stars….. I feel like myself”- Switchfoot [musical band] (from the song: ‘Stars’)